Hey everyone! Even though I’m “all over the internet”, I still get people asking me why I’m so reclusive. Does not compute! Connect with me at these fine e~stablishments (if it’s in green, it’s a link – just click it!):

Want to email me and tell me about that great movie you saw or album you heard or just say hey? Or, more importantly, hire me for a house concert? If you prefer the regular email instead of the site contact box (hey, I personally do), then please email me at ” “.

If you *didn’t* get to this page from Youtube, then Subscribe to my youtube channel:
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If you’re at work at can’t watch videos but want to listen to my music, follow me on Soundcloud – hey, maybe show me to your co-workers!
Listen to my music on Soundcloud!

Gigmasters: Hire me for a gig why dontcha? I’m a nice guy, I play the musics.
Gigmasters – Hire me! I’ve only double booked twice in 15 years!

Thumbtack: Want to learn to improvise bossa nova jazz chords while singing in Turkish? I will show you how.
Thumbtack – I just won an award here for being one of the top 5 music teachers in Dallas.

Want to connect with Lakewood Guitar Studio on Facebook?
Yes! Yes! In the Facebook! (name that reference and get a shoutout)

Want to Tweet at me? Go on, I know you want to Tweet at me:
Maybe you don’t like Twitter, but maybe I can change your mind.

I look pretty professional on LinkedIn – if you want to add me as a professional connection, go ahead (hint: my email is right up there):
If you don’t use LinkedIn, maybe it’s time to start.

I’m on Tumblr at LGSthousandwords. Right now I’m focusing on uploading sky pictures from the past 6 years, but after that I’ll start uploading my France/Belgium trip. Click “follow” and join me on Tumblr!

I pin the Tumblr to Pinterest so everything is visible easily in one place.
Absolutely join me on Pinterest too!

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